The World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker

Originally, the World Series of Poker began as an invitational game in Reno, Nevada, and was started by Tom Morehead. The series of tournaments that we have come to know and love today, however, is the creation of Casino Owner, Legend and Poker Player Benny Binion and his sons Jack and Ted Binion. In the 70's, the game of Poker could not be found in most casinos since it was so hard to detect and keep out cheaters. It was because of The World Series of Poker as well as better security and the influence of the Binion Family that poker finally found its way into more casinos and became the extremely popular game it is today.

The first World Series of Poker that was held at Binion’s Horseshoe Casino was in 1970. The game had seven players and the winner was Johnny Moss. Mr. Moss was dubbed the first World Champion of Poker and his prize was a Silver Cup. Beginning with the 1971 World Series of Poker and continuing since, all World Series of Poker Tournaments have had cash prizes for their winners. And today, winners not only get their cash prizes, but the esteemed Golden Bracelet as well.

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